The Plus Factor

Skills development, employment and workforce solutions, education

training, and organisation development.

Digital Learning Solutions

A range of digital learning, Talent management, business process technology platforms, and databases to develop people and organisations.

Services, Products & Solutions

  • Elearning Platforms
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Training Administration Systems
  • SMART iQ Business Process Systems
  • Talent Management Platforms
  • Skills Databases

Talent Development Advisory

Consultancy service to assist companies and organisations with talent management strategies, systems and plans.

Services, Products & Solutions

  • Occupational-Based Models
  • National Qualification Framework Alignment
  • Job Profiles and Taxonomies
  • Enterprise-wide L&D Strategy Development
  • Turnkey Projects
  • .Mode II Applications
  • Custom Designed Enterprise-in-a-Box Toolkits, Grading & Auditing Systems (SMART iQ Solutions)
  • Skills Audits
  • Workplace Skills Plans
  • Annual Training Reports

b-bBEE skills development compliance

Advisory services to optimise B-BBEE Scorecard spend and Contributor Levels in line with the skills, enterprise and supplier development requirements within the ecosystem.

Services, Products and Solutions

  • BBBEE Scorecard Optimisation
  • BBBEE Software
  • Compliance Measurement Tools
  • Qualifying Skills Development Initiatives
  • Accredited Skills Development

Learning Programme Management & Administration

The design, build and delivery of company specific training, academy and training centre development systems and processes, underpinned by bespoke quality assurance systems.

Administration of learning in line with all-encompassing regulatory and compliance frameworks and requirements.

  • Learning as a Service (Laas) Solutions
  • Bespoke Managed Services
  • Industry-specific Institutes
  • Pathways to the World of Work
  • Artisan & Apprentice AcceleratorsBBBEE ComplianceEnvironment and Green ComplianceFuture Professionals Candidacy
  • Franchisor and Licensing SystemsLearner Management System (LMS)
  • Workplace Regulatory Skills Reporting
  • SETA and QCTO ComplianceESG and Impact Compliance

Diversified Methods of Learning Delivery

Delivery of customised and accredited training through various channels and methods such as Instructor Led Training (ILT), Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT), blended learning and full-on digital online learning.

Services, Products & Solutions

  • Digital Delivery
  • Classroom Delivery
  • Structured Mentorship
  • In-Field Support Services
  • Instructor Led Training
  • Virtual Instructor Led Training

Programme Administration

Programme Administration

Administration of learning in line with all-encompassing regulatory and compliance frameworks and requirements.

  • Learner Management System (LMS)
  • Workplace Regulatory Skills Reporting
  • SETA Compliance
  • ESG and Impact Compliance
  • Environment and Green Compliance

Bespoke Content Development

The design and development of customised content and learning material, toolkits, grading charts, management portfolio journals for organisations, companies and SMMEs inclusive of curation/authoring and instructional design of learning content (including digital content).

Bespoke Learning Programme & Content Development

Services, Products and Solutions

  • QCTO, multi-SETA, DHET, SAQA, UMALUSI and CHE Accredited
  • Curriculum Design
  • Curriculum Design
  • Index Measurement Development
  • Learning Pathway Design
  • Talent Management Taxonomy Design & Development
  • Content Authoring Curation and Development
  • Accreditation Alignment
  • Industry Customised Courses:
    • Business Services
    • Public Services
    • Engineering, Manufacturing & Construction
    • Agriculture
    • Financial Services & Banking
    • Practice
    • Mining, Minerals & Energy
    • Physical Education & Sport

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