Bespoke Content Development

Bespoke Learning Programme & Content Development

The design and development of customised content and learning material, toolkits, grading charts, management portfolio journals for organisations, companies and SMMEs inclusive of curation/authoring and instructional design of learning content (including digital content).

Services, Products and Solutions

  • QCTO, multi-SETA, DHET, SAQA, UMALUSI and CHE Accredited Courses
  • Industry Customised Courses:
    • Business Services
    • Public Services
    • Engineering, Manufacturing & Construction
    • Agriculture
    • Financial Services & Banking
    • Practice
    • Mining, Minerals & Energy
    • Physical Education & Sport
  • Curriculum Design
  • Quality Assurance Systems design
  • Index Measurement Development
  • Learning Pathway Design
  • Talent Management Taxonomy Design & Development
  • Content Authoring Curation and Development
  • Accreditation Alignment