Institute of Sport

The Institute of Sport is South Africa’s foremost and leading skills advisory group for sport skills, talent and impact management. It provides these services to a wide range of clients that include sport organisations, corporate companies, government entities, Olympic Bodies, public/private colleges and universities.

The Institute of Sport was established in 2001 and has an impressive track-record with establishing the first virtual Olympic Graduate School in Africa and for warehousing the accredited PGA Golfing Diploma.

CLUBSMART is recognized as the preeminent national club development programme for South Africa by the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture, and has been incorporated in the FIFA Solidarity Programme.

The Institute of Sport client spread spans international, national and local clients in the skills, talent and impact funding sectors.

Institute of Sport offers more than 162 accredited sports courses, amongst other products and services, and has complete competitor advantage over its peers with a vast and impressive array of products and services.

We are the leading advisory firm on impact funding for sport, offering solutions to corporate clients and funding institutions, on compliance impact strategies through investment in sport events and sport programmes.

1. Accredited Courses

  • Basic Sport Administration
  • Advanced Sport Administration
  • Sport Club Administration
  • Developing Sport Organisations/Structures in Sport
  • Supervise administrative procedures and fraud control
  • Managing and Administering Sport Organisations
  • Professionalism in
  • Sport
  • Sport Generic Coaching
  • Coaching Science
  • Coaching Juniors
  • High Performance Coaching Coach Education
  • Sport Specific Coaching
  • Sport and Exercise Physiology
  • Physical Development of Athletes
  • Talent Identification
  • Strategic Planning & Management
  • Sport Facility Management
  • Event Management
  • Financial Management in Sport
  • Project Management in Sport
  • Contracts Management
  • Sport Team Management
  • Policy Development
  • Project Management in Sport
  • Event Management
  • Stewards Training
  • Event Volunteers
  • Develop and organise sport programmes within a sport organisation
  • Planning and Managing Sport Fixtures and League Programme
  • Planning and delivering practice sessions
  • Coaching fundamentals
  • Sport in community / informal spaces
  • Sport Assessors Moderator
  • Sport Facilitator/ Instructor
  • Youth Leadership in Sport
  • HIV/Aids in Sport Life Skills
  • Finance for Sport Organisations
  • Project and Event Budgeting and Finance
  • Finance for Non-Financial  Managers
  • Sport Marketing and Public Relations
  • Marketing Sport via  social media
  • Corporate Governance in sport
  • Creating a Sport Business
  • New Venture Creation
  • Corporate Governance in Sport
  • Financial Management in Sport
  • Sport Recreation Leaders
  • Youth Leadership in Sport
  • Plan for and deliver Physical Education
  • Safety in Phys ed and fitness environments
  • Administering PE and facilities in schools
  • Sport Fitness
  • Fitness Instructor
  • FETC: Sports Administration
  • FETC: Sport Coaching
  • NC: Coaching Science
  • NC: Sport Management
  • FETC: Fitness specialising in Physical Education
  • FETC: Project Management specialising in Applied Sport Administration.
  • ND: Club Professional Golfing

Sports leagues, fixtures and events

  • School Leagues Guide
  • College Leagues Guide
  • Athletics Event Guide
  • Safety and compliance at sports events

ICT Training in Sport

  • Implementing a Sport Management Information System (MIS)
  • Using Apps in Sport

Physical Education

  • Operations Guide for delivery of Phys Education
  • Sport Smart QAS Guide
  • Training Centre Operations Guide
  • Stipend Management Guide
  • Facilitator Quality Assurance Guide


  • CLUBSMART® Digital
  • Coach and Officials Management System and learning pathway design
  • eLearning Platform
  • Learning management Systems
  • Training Administration Systems
  • SMART iQ Business Process Systems
  • Talent Management Platforms
  • Skills Databases

Fundraising and Sponsorship

  • Fundraising activities within a sport environment
  • Sport Sponsorship
  • Applying for SETA, Lotto and other Funding

Sports leagues, fixtures and events

  • Referees and Umpires Training
  • Developing League Schedules, Fixtures and Logs
  • Managing Seasonal League Programmes
  • Compiling League Brochures and Prospectuses

Sport Leadership

  • Long term athlete development
  • Covid-19 Regulation in sport
  • Women in sport & dealing with female athletes
  • Use of virtual communication platforms to host training sessions

Life Skills

  • Self-discovery
  • Self-adaption
  • Self-development
  • Self-leadership